How long does it take the manufacturers to make a sex doll

The lifesize sex doll is a very laborious task to create. This cannot be produced in mass because each doll has to be created separately. Also, the customers may have individual preferences and thus no two dolls may look alike. The fingernails of the dolls are colored and makeup is also done on it. Each doll is customized.

There are overall 80 production stages to create a life-sized sex doll and it thus takes more than 100 hours to finish it.The creator has to put in his skill and time to make the sex doll of your dreams.

What does future hold for the sex dolls

The majority of sex dolls that are created are women. However, these cannot move and are also nonresponsive. The sex doll industry is in a boom and there is scope for the rubber thing to improve a lot. Developers are looking to add artificial intelligence to the sex dolls and make then the future sexbots. Some manufacturers have already created talking sex dolls that can also blink her eyes and move her head and mouth when she speaks.

These dolls are designed to give pleasure and also be a companion. The sex dolls are being created with memory and the user can develop artificial intelligence. Like you may tell her when you feel hungry and she will tell you your favorite food.

There are also sex dolls that are being created to be responsive. Like one that has various interaction modes. The doll could be romantic, sexy or ina family mood. Also, the sex dolls would be able to respond to the touch. There is a lot of work to be done to develop the sex dolls with artificial intelligence and with the head of a robot. There is still work being done to integrate it to the emerging technology like a mobile app.